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Lyons – January 2011

The participants prepare themselves for the upcoming seminar with Sifu Marcus Schüssler. Many new faces added to the already known ones in Lyon. Additionally, a small group from the north of France announced itself previously in order to learn about the teaching methodology of the IUEWT/UFEWT.

Already 1 hour before the seminar start Sifu Marcus Schüssler took the time to introduce this group from the north of France to the basic strategy of the teaching methodology. Based the background, that everyone talks about the same approach of the logic in order to provide an efficient learning in the subsequent seminar units and to build a common base so they could also work with the other students effectively.

The exercises on this seminar day mainly came out of the first section of the Siu Nim Tao, what even amazed advanced students as well again, how prevalent the basics always are. Also the group from the north of France despite their experience of several years, had a lot of fun on this "different" but „able to follow and realize“ instruction.